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Age. 30
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Location Grover, PA
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January 2019

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Another Entry
Wednesday. 1.19.05 2:57 pm
School at canton...welll....I took my precalculus final today, and I kicked that fuckers ass, well, for today at least...I have to finish tomorrow. Today was the last day of gym too. Today isnt a good day :(. Thats all I have to say...other than I miss my baby...love you amanda :-D

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Monday. 1.17.05 3:46 pm
...or should I say the lack there of:-/ ? It was pretty boring and tiring today until gym at least B-). For forty minutes of Precalc all I did was sit around. I got one page of the review problems done...fast worker huh? Then I went driving--backed around the circle at the elementary school, drove around on the shitty roads and went to Mr. Holland's house for his keys. Then in english, all we did was the normal stuff and during the last half hour of the class I fell asleep. There was some drool on my book...eewww...After I woke up, it was time to go to lunch, so I went to lunch. I guess theres this rumor about Hankie doing something so Jarvis just belted out "Hankie, You WHORE!"...it was pretty funny considering everybody in the cafeteria heard it. I then proceeded to band and sat around and bullshitted with shawn. We talked about when he used to live next to me and he had a blow-up pool. I remember diving in it...in a whole 6 inches of water; crazy. In psychology we played this trivial game and my team sucked, so we lost...Im thinkin prolly cuz of me though, haha. Then came gym. ITS ABOUT TIME...my day finally got interesting. We played matball and DODGEBALL...hell yeaB-) There was this one ball that I caught...it tipped off my hands and I dove for it and caught it...but I think I got a concusion. I busted my head off the floor; crazy huh.We won all 11 games thoughB-)...now Im home...that makes the day better since Ill get to talk to my baby :-D ...I love you baby:-D...I miss her :(

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This Weekend
Monday. 1.17.05 3:42 pm
was pretty damn tiring. After staying up the whole night, cept about, oh, an hour or two, we raised some hell with wiggles, castle, and cody. But before that, we went up to get my baby :-D...I was so freakin happy to see her...It sucks not being able to see her for two weeks--it reaaalllly blows :(. But anyway, we picked her up and rented some movies and ate. Napoleon Dynamite; Vote For Pedro HAH... then castle called and then we raised some hell... I was so freakin happy to see my baby...she means the world to me. Sunday, though, she got tired of me :(...Im hoping it was just because she was tired and my hairy chin; Im sorry baby :*( stop drinkin my freakin hot cocoa though...lol. We just hung out the whole day sunday pretty much...Im sore for some reason though;)--jp. At the end of the day we had to take MISS GROUCHY! home. It sucked; I miss her so fuckin much already :( but hopefully Ill see her after my cousin Jen's wedding this saturday...

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Wednesday. 1.12.05 5:34 pm
Tonight was interesting for me I guess you could say. I got home from another kickass game of bonbardament...aka dodgeball...at Canton High School, and the door was locked. I then proceeded to look for the spare key that is in an undisclosed location. THE FUCKER WASNT THERE. Mom left the damn thing on the key hook thingy, so I could see it..but couldn't reach it. I went down to shane's and played some vice city until my mom picked me up. Then we went to Patti's and had cheesesteaks. I watched X-files...when I was a little kid that show scurred me shitless yo. But now IM obviously nice and warm now.

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Another wonderful day at Canton High School
Tuesday. 1.11.05 7:21 pm
School today was pretty good, actually B-)...I got to drive in the snow and angle park-- that prolly raised Mr. Holland's blood pressure to about 100000000000over100000...he pushed that gay ass brake on me like 5 times when I wasnt doing anything...oh well. Idk if its good for anybody else, but I got a 40 on the precalculus quiz I took monday. I love my girl amanda.English, all we did was sit around, cuz Miss Rockwell had some sound guy come in, and all we did was bullshit because she was busy. Lunch?...skipped that and went to gym. I played in my socks and some shorts I found in the lost and found B-) In band, Mrs. Bailey was looking for me and I hid from her, I think she was pretty pissed...muahaha. Finally, I took the Notorious Bus 1 home to North Grover, Pa. Then, I proceeded to eat and get fat...I wonder if thats a job career that I should persue. I can't beat vice city yet--that pisses me off. You know what else pisses me off...Amanda lives so fuckin far away...AND I DONT HAVE A LICENSE. The other day I tried to hang out with Courtney, but she was at her brother's wrestling match. I had to drive my dad up to my now dead great aunt's trailer to pick up trash in the van...so in other words it was trash on wheels...thats bout all the van's worth. Earlier, I tried typing this and the fuckin shit didnt save it or something...I was pissed. Amanda is amazing. She is so freagin amazing. Its so stupid though, I love her so much. I could use all that energy on something constructive, like eating. Other than amazing, she's astonishing, awe-inspiring, awesome, exciting, hair-raising, heart-stirring, impressive, magnificent, moving (emotionally), spine-tingling, and stunning. The best part is, She love ME :-D... I love you Baby :-)

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Tuesday. 1.11.05 1:36 pm
Alright...this is the first entry; well at least from me. Therefore, Im gonna talk about Nam...It was helll, except when we went to the viatnamese strip joint and smoked weed...well that was everyday..so thats besides the point...like I said...it was hell

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